The cooling service company Climate is carved out and goes live on Dynamics 365 in just 25 days

”It only took us 25 days to go live on Dynamics 365, and during the whole process we were able to continue the business as usual. Even though this was during a period when the record-warm weather in Denmark had caused the number of incoming service requests to increase by more than 60%.”
– CFO of Climate, Henrik Vildenfeldt

In May 2018, it was decided to split up the two companies, Climate and Vibocold. The decision had gone through faster than expected, and this meant for the refrigeration supplier Climate that they suddenly had to make a quick decision on the choice of future ERP system. With an old Dynamics AX in place, it was natural that the choice should be between a Microsoft 365 Business Central and a 365 Finance & Operations.

It quickly became clear that the company needed a standard ERP solution, having lots of dreams for the future that included elements like Field Services, IoT (Internet of Things) and other exciting things. In addition, it should be a solution that was data-driven and that could support both financial functions, product and operation. And finally, the system should have flexibility in relation to the company’s mobile technicians.

The decision ended up with Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations – and it should be live per. June 1, 2018, just one month later.

Working with Sprint365 has been an eye opener. As a company in a big and sudden transition, we felt vulnerable and unclear about the future setup, but I have felt in good hands from the start.

– CFO of Climate, Henrik Vildenfeldt

No downtime

The advantage of implementing a Dynamics 365 was that Climate could reuse the knowledge they had from their old Microsoft solution. It minimized the training process with its own users, who could instead spend their time creating value for the business.

With a short time to implement this Enterprise solution, which should even be able to handle 40 driving cars already on the go-live date, there was a strong need for a sharp plan for the conversion.

Thus, it was necessary for Climate to redesign their business processes to fit the standard processes of Dynamics 365, with very few tweaks. This was done to facilitate future support, and to enable ongoing updates to the ERP system as well as to open up for future potential add-on integrations.

Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations ended up being implemented for Climate – with no downtime on their driving cars – in just 25 days.

In good hands

”Our most important benefits are twofold. First, I’m positively surprised by Sprint’s ability to identify our exact challenges. And this by involving and helping the relevant employees without “intruding” and slowing down our work. And secondly, I am impressed with the speed at which our new business system was implemented.

It only took 25 days from start to finish, and throughout the process we were able to continue the business as usual. Even when the hottest May in 129 years hit Denmark and increased the number of incoming service requests by more than 60%.

Secondly, I am very pleased with Sprint’s constant care for the future of the project. They insist on keeping processes simple, while ensuring flexibility in future phases of the project. This way, recasting and extra costs are avoided.

I have no doubt that they have thought more about the well-being and long-term relationships of my company than their own short-term benefits. Something that unfortunately is not the norm in the consulting industry.” 

– CFO of Climate, Henrik Vildenfeldt

About Climate

Climate employs more than 40 commercial refrigeration and service experts and has more than 50 qualified technicians / vehicles in the field. With more than a thousand statutory maintenance calls and 30,000 annual service calls, an efficient operations-, planning- and logistics system is integrated into the company’s focus on delivering fast and accurate services to their customers.

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