Two service companies merge and go live on Dynamics 365 in 45 days

In the autumn of 2020, Viessmann Denmark negotiated a potential takeover of Scandinavian Cooling Services (SCS). Early on, it was clear that in the future they should bet on the IT solution from SCS, while in return they would continue the group structure and business models from Viessmann. It looked like a million-dollar IT project. Nevertheless, we managed to merge the two companies in just one and a half months, and for the amount of DKK 600,000.

“We got the Enterprise version of the new Dynamics 365 implemented in both companies at the same price that we had previously paid for implementation of the SMB version in just one of them.”

– Christian Callesen, Managing Director of Viessmann Denmark

While negotiations for a merger were still ongoing, during October 2020, the dialogue was initiated with Sprint365 on the upcoming migration of the two companies’ IT solutions. And just a few weeks later the deal was complete.

SCS had to go through a re-implementation of their ERP system, which included the adoption of a new charter of accounts, posting rules, reporting structure and integration to field services. And they had to go live with the new legal entity just 14 days later.

At the same time, the merger meant that Viessmann had to be transferred from their old Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and into the new Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations solution. It should also be ready to go live fast, just 30 days after SCS was up and running on the new device. So 45 days in total.

Template-based approach is the reason for success

It was the utilization of templates, the predefined setups and the fixed project process that made the first re-implementation of SCS possible in just 14 days.

Then the turn came to Viessmann Denmark. Again, the template-based approach was one of the reasons why Viessmann was able to onboard users to the new solution, and be ready to go-live on a brand new ERP system already at the beginning of 2021.

“It has gone much faster than I had imagined – I’m very impressed. Both around the entire scope but also Sprint365’s performance.”

– Christian Callesen, Managing Director of Viessmann Denmark

No downtime

The need for a sharp and carefully planned process was essential if the re-implementation of SCS was to be reached by the first go-live date in December 2020.

The actual migration took place over a weekend, in order to keep the operation of the 45 mobile fitters in the field going. When the fitters went home Friday afternoon, they handed in their iPads, and then all registration was closed until Monday morning.

In this way, the conversion took place from SCS users to Viessmann users over a weekend, and the fitters were up and running again already on Monday morning – both with iPads and new clothes.

Company merger at Enterprise level for DKK 600,000

The reason for the somewhat untraditional route was that Viessmann did not want to buy the full company SCS, but only partial assets and liabilities. A so called asset deal. At the same time, Viessmann wanted to use the business system from SCS as the future joint Enterprise system, rather than their own. The solution thus became a re-implementation for SCS combined with a ‘normal’ implementation for Viessmann.

The merger of the two companies also resulted in a validation of all master data, i.e. matching of goods, customers and suppliers as well as cleaning of all parameters so that they only appeared once in the system.

The large Enterprise solution at just DKK 600,000 includes a re-implementation of SCS into a new legal entity, the transformation of business model for SCS as well as the transition to a new group structure, a conversion of Viessmann from a Microsoft Dynamics Business Central into the new 365 Finance & Operations solution. Finally, Microsoft Power BI was introduced for project follow-up and financial reporting.

About Viessmann

Viessmann Denmark is part of the Viessmann Group, which is one of the leading manufacturers in heating, industrial and cooling systems. You can read more about Viessmann Denmark here.

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