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Are you stuck with
old technology?

Forget about expensive projects.
Get the latest ERP in just 30 days.
Your data. In the cloud.Totally safe.

Sometimes your company may remind you of the turtle in the picture. Lying on its back, unable to move in the direction you would otherwise like.

The numerous IT systems that your company has acquired over many years are no longer up to date, and the technology thus creates more limitations than opportunities. An outdated version of Microsoft Dynamics AX is a good example of this.

The irony is that many old systems are kept alive only by necessity. Because it seems like an impossible task to clean up and bring the company up-to-date. You probably want to upgrade, but just do not know how.

The solution is straightforward. You need to ‘draw a line in the sand’ and start right. You gotta have a system that is based on 100% standard functionality. One that is preconfigured, and that contains industry-adapted templates and a fixed, short migration project.

In just 30 days, you can be up and running with Sprint365 on the latest version of Microsoft’s ERP solution. With your data. In the cloud. Fast, easy and secure. And without a larger million dollar bill.



The shortcut to progress
make sure to start right  

Evergreen Dynamics 365 EN


The concept that makes it possible to
go live with Microsoft’s latest ERP in 30 days

Ready - Set - Sprint

Never upgrade again

With a Sprint365 implementation the painful upgrade projects will be a thing in the past. Your new ERP solution is Evergreen and you will never have to upgrade it again.

You can spend time on innovation and digitization instead of worrying about old technology.

Let’s look at an example of why Evergreen ERP is a good idea:

“Challenges are often
the result of old decisions”


Customer numbers speak for themselves

When you choose Sprint365, you secure the future of your business with best practices and
the latest technology, all in the cloud.




consultant hours saved


ERP marathon projects

Sprint til Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations

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