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Welcome to Sprint365

Welcome to Sprint365

The ability to deliver Microsoft Dynamics ERP in a smart way, at least smarter than what the ERP industry is known for. That’s our mission.

Your business is unique. But that does not apply to the systems needed to operate it. In fact, they should preferably be similar to those that everyone else uses. Completely standard and based on ‘best practices’. It makes sense, both logically and financially.

It is not in the capacity of developers or consultants that our people are brought up. They come from different companies where they had roles such as Finance Lead or Controller. The idea is that they speak your language and that they understand your business.

The old paradigm in the ERP industry of building everything from scratch and delivering lots of consultant hours, makes us feel very tired. Projects that last half or full years take the breath away from most people, and usually these projects run out of both energy and money long before reaching value creation.

To standardize and utilize templates. That is what we would like to do. There is no need to reinvent the wheel every single time.

You need to spend 20% of your energy and money on getting started with your ERP solution, and 80% on creating business value with the solution afterwards. And you should preferably not spend more than 30 days on it.

That is why we have created the project method “Sprint365“.

With Sprint, you can upgrade your old Microsoft Dynamics AX – or get started with a brand new Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management – in just 30 days.

Focus your energy on your business instead of technology.


The Sprint365 team

…consists of a small group of people with massive experience in digitization, strategy, finance
and IT. We would very much like to talk to you and your company about future projects and

Camilla, Product architect and Finance Specialist


Product Architect | Finance & Reporting

I am your go-to person if you have questions about any level of finance, internationalization, business processes or perhaps a potential ERP implementation and the subsequent operation.

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Jakob, CPO & Founder


CPO | Founder

Are you curious about what Sprint365 can do for your business? Do you want to help develop the product in order to provide the market with the best possible foundation? Or should we talk about a possible collaboration?

Write or call (+45) 40350300 now
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Janek, CEO & Co-founder


CEO | Co-Founder

Should we talk about how to secure the future of your company and are you curious about how Sprint365 may help you? Or are you perhaps interested in a conversation about partnering and collaboration?

Write or call (+45) 30308007 now
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Jörg, Product Specialist, Manufacturing & Logistics.


Product Specialist | Finance, Manufacturing & Logistics

When your project includes inventory management, trade, logistics, and production, then we need to talk together. I work based out of Barcelona, Spain. Do you have questions about how your Manufacturing & Logistics ERP implementation project will be successful?

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Mette, Marketing Specialist


Marketing Specialist

Audiences, advertising and call-to-action are part of my everyday life. Contact me if you have any questions or maybe even input regarding marketing.

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Morten, Product Specialist


Product Specialist | FINANCE & BI

If you have any questions about Finance or BI, you are more than welcome to contact me.

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Sagar, Product Specialist, Warehouse & Logistics.


Product Specialist | WAREHOUSE & LOGISTICS

As a SCM consultant with expertise in warehousing, transportation and asset management solutions in Dynamics 365, I could help you answer most questions.

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Skarlit, Product Specialist | Manufacturing & Logistics


Product Specialist | Manufacturing & Logistics

Based in China, I take care of inventory management, trade, logistics, and production management in your ERP project. If you have questions about Manufacturing or Logistics in your ERP, just say so.

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Soumitra, Product Specialist, Warehouse & Logistics.


Product Specialist | WAREHOUSE & LOGISTICS

As a SCM consultant with expertise in trade, logistics, warehousing and transportation I can help with Dynamics related questions and successful implementation.

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Sprint til Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations

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