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Welcome to Sprint365

Welcome to Sprint365

The ability to deliver Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O in a smart way. That’s our mission.

A well-known problem

For years, ERP systems have been configured from scratch to match the needs of the individual company. It sounds very reasonable when you first hear it, but is it actually wise?

Aren’t the systems just getting harder to keep up-to-date and the companies becoming dependent on external consultants?

If you choose an online system like Uniconta or Dinero, you can get started in minutes. So why does it require a comprehensive IT project when running Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Many traditional ERP projects tend to become extensive and time consuming. Often they even get delayed, more expensive than expected and end up with people losing their jobs. It’s totally off.

Experience shows that an organization run dry because of projects that last half or even full years to complete. And due to the long project period, the systems are usually slightly outdated when launched.

You get stuck on old systems and platforms. Who wants to launch new upgrade projects that contains unknown time frames and results?


A new perspective and a different approach

It is obvious that your company is both unique and special. But this does not mean that unique or special systems are required to run it. In fact, you should be using the exact same systems and configurations as other companies. 

It must be standard technology that is configured according to a ‘best practice standard’ for your industry. In addition, an ultra-short implementation process (a sprint) is all you need. This makes sense, both logically and financially.

Standardizing and reusing templates is the way to move forward. There is no need to reinvent the wheel every single time.

It should only take 20% of your energy and budget to get started with your ERP solution. The 80% should go to optimizing the solution in order to create business value.

You should point your focus and energy towards developing your business, not technology.

If this makes sense to you, you should take a look at Sprint365. Whether you have an old AX solution or just want to get started with Dynamics.

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