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Field Service

For you who runs a field service oriented organization with skilled technicians constantly on the move, an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions might not be the first choice that comes to mind as a core solution for driving operations. However efficient usage and allocation of resources and materials are at the core of your business and require efficient scheduling and dispatching using a tool that helps increase your ROI, reduce costs, and improve client experience. Streamlined procurement and inventory management processes further contribute to optimization of working capital and smooth operations.

Dynamics 365 for Trade & Services is a cutting-edge end-to-end solution tailored for field service management allowing you to elevate your business to new heights of productivity and customer satisfaction.

With Sprint365, your company achieves a number of advantages and benefits

Efficiently assign & schedule field technicians

Real-time visibility

Access from anywhere

Improved customer communication

Optimized inventory levels with high visibility

Streamline work orders life cycle from creation to completion

Capture field data, order goods and record labor and expenses

Schedule routine inspections and maintenance tasks proactively

Streamline procurement processes

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Why should you choose Sprint365?

Take our test and discover if your business is ready to elevate itself to new heights with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations!

Download our ‘Guide to Dynamics 365’ now and get answers to the 13 most crucial questions that will assist you and your company on the journey with Sprint365.

Sprint365 Trade & Service includes numerous features, which will benefit your business from day 1


This module allows your procurement team to streamline their process. The sourcing responsible can manage suppliers and track purchases effortlessly. Internal requests can easily be handled, bundled and processed through purchase requisitions. Integrated BI solutions allow for efficient spend management.


Take control of inventory levels, orders, sales and deliveries with advanced planning features to optimize working capital. Visibility on inventory levels enables the team to optimize stock levels.


Empower your sales organization to manage customer data and process sales seamlessly from quotes to invoicing. Simplify the collection process and enhance customer relationships.



With this module the service team can track service work orders from start to finish. Capture information in the field, order required good for execution and record labor and expenses.


This module assists you in optimizing your service management by sending the right technicians with the right skills to the right job location. Maintain visibility, track progress and provide technicians with updates through mobile offerings.


Welcome your clients directly into your business system with Sprint365’s customer portal solution. Streamline order management and reduce administrative efforts.

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