Climate gets a new financial system in just 25 days

SITUATION (what was the problem?)
In 2018, a very special task landed with the Management team in Climate. The company had been carved out of the parent company and there was an immediate need for establishing own IT-platform within a very short timeframe.

A central element was the selection of an ERP-system that should replace the old Dynamics AX without interfering or interrupting the company’s operations.

SOLUTION (what did they do about it?)
Launching a traditional IT project and thus tailoring a financial system for Climate was too time-consuming and complex. Instead, a solution was chosen which was already fully configured and ready to run, and which simply had to be validated and matched with the company’s own, internal processes.

At the same time, it was crucial that the system could manage and support both Field Services (the driving service technicians) and the Warehouses inside the company’s service vehicles.

RESULTS (what did they get out of it?)
• A standard system that was fully configured in advance
• A flexible solution that could easily be integrated to other important systems
• Ultra-short implementation process of 25 days
• No interruptions or downtime for daily operations
• Minimal involvement and time consumption for own people and resources
• A price that was significantly lower than previously experienced


Henrik Vildenfeldt
CEO i Climate

“Working with the Sprint365 concept was an eye-opener. We were in the middle of a heat wave and the number of incoming service calls was sky high. Still, we managed to switch to Dynamics 365 in 25 days and at the same time continue business operations as usual.”

About Climate
Climate employs over 40 commercial cooler and service experts and has more than 50 qualified technicians / vehicles in the field. With more than a thousand statutory maintenance calls and 30,000 annual service calls, an efficient financial and operating system is important for the company’s focus on fast and correct service of its customers.