Viessmann implements D365 in two companies in 45 days

SITUATION (what was the problem?)
In connection with a company takeover in 2020, Viessmann wanted to establish a completely new ERP platform, which could manage both companies (and even more companies in the long run). It was important that the entire job could be completed in the absolute shortest possible time.

Tailoring an economic system from scratch was thus not an option. It would simply be too time-consuming and complex.

SOLUTION (what did they do about it?)
Viessmann chose a solution which was already fully configured and ready for use, and which was based on ‘Best Practice’ from a similar company.

First, one company’s ERP system (D365 FO) was re-implemented, and immediately afterwards the other company was added to the solution. After two weeks, the first company went live, and the overall solution was ready in just 45 days.

Viessmann also succeeded in continuing the processes from one company, and adopting the group structure and business model from the other company, and in this way achieved the best of two worlds.

RESULTS (what did they get out of it?)
• A standard system that was fully configured in advance
• Ultra-short implementation process in 45 days without breakdowns or delays
• Access to new and better, basic financial tools
• Validation of all the companies’ master data
• A solution that could easily be expanded with more companies
• A price which was significantly less than previously experienced

Christian Callesen - Viessmann

Christian Callesen
Managing Director
Viessmann Danmark

“It all went much faster than we had imagined.

Personally, I am very impressed.

Both over the performance from Sprint365, but also the entire journey as a whole.”

About Viessmann
Viessmann Denmark is part of the Viessmann Group, which is one of the leading manufacturers in heating, industrial and cooling systems.

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