To-Increase pick turn-key solution for a fast ERP-implementation

SITUATION (what was the problem?)
When the software company, To-Increase, was sold back in January 2021 they had to establish their own IT platform that could support their ambitious growth plans. They were faced with two options.

They could either launch a traditional (and time consuming) ERP-project via their former parent company, Columbus, or they could search the market for a turn-key solution that was fully configured and ready for implementation.

They chose the latter.

SOLUTION (what did they do about it?)
The Management team decided on a turn-key solution based on standard technology. And by selecting Sprint365 To-Increase got the opportunity to utilize their own software products during the implementation.

That way they took their own medicine and at the same time their solution could serve as ‘Best Practice’ for future implementations with other customers.

RESULTS (what did they get out of it?)
• Ability to operate their new ERP-solution fast
• A turn-key solution based on standard technology
• A system that will be continuously updated automatically
• Limited need for internal resources during the implementation
• Limited need for internal resources for future administration

Harald Werner

Harald Werner
CFO, To-Increase

“Selecting a turn-key solution over a traditional ERP-project wasn’t a very difficult decision.

Time was of the essence and after the carve out from our former parent company Columbus we really wanted to stand on our own feet

About To-Increase
To-Increase provides business software solutions to over 2200 customers in 45 countries. Their asset-centric solutions include engineering, manufacturing, servicing, and renting or leasing assets to help companies operate more efficiently.