New CEO in Sprint365 A/S

Steen Hybschmann

Steen Hybschmann
Sprint365 A/S

In 2020 Jakob and Janek founded Sprint365 in order to “solve the ERP problem”. In other words: Say goodbye to large, complex and time-consuming ERP projects and hello to a fully configured solution that can be implemented fast. 

Now they are joined by an experienced profile from the industry, Steen Hybschmann, and they place him in charge of the company. Steen has worked with ERP his entire working life. Most recently he was CEO for 7 years at Columbus Denmark.

ERP market dominated by old business model
“For years I have witnessed an outdated go-to-market approach from virtually all players in the market,” says Steen. When SMB companies choose newer players such as e-conomic, Uniconta or Dinero, they get a complete, ready-to-use-product. With that in mind, it makes no sense that larger companies have to wait months or years white a solution that suits their specific needs is being built. That way of thinking is over. We must instead use the same “standard” mindset, also for larger companies”, says Steen.

“There is no sense in making complex and specially designed systems that put pressure on the organization and also cost far too much money, when there are standard versions that solve the task perfectly, with only a few adjustments”, he concludes.

Steen therefore has had no difficulty in jumping into the Sprint365 boat, that offers a standard solution based on best practice.

A company with strong profiles
In Sprint365, Steen already has 16 colleagues. Two of them are the company’s founders, Jakob and Janek. Jakob Ingemann has a past as CIO and CFO in a number of large companies (Maersk, Ecco) and has run the consultancy IZARA for more than 10 years, which advises companies on the choice of IT platforms and ERP systems. 


Jakob Ingemann
Sprint365 A/S

“I have participated in so many unreasonably large and unnecessarily complicated IT projects – and that gave the idea to found Sprint365. Not all customers can survive a big ERP marathon, but most can handle a quick Sprint” as Jakob puts it.

Jakob founded the company together with Janek Borgmann, who helped building and later listing the signature company, Penneo. “Janek’s ability to build something from scratch and create a winning culture out of nothing was just what I needed to get my dream started,” continues Jakob Ingemann.


Janek Borgmann
Sprint365 A/S

“It is quite exciting to try to create companies that fill gaps in the market and that make customers happy. And when you succeed in attracting profiles like Steen Hybschmann to your case, it gives a really fantastic feeling that we have hit the right spot. 

Not 100 customers yet
In the first 2 years, Sprint365 has fully onboarded 4 customers to the concept. “It may not sound like much”, says Janek Borgmann, “but then you have to look at how big the individual customers are and how big the tasks are.” We work e.g. with Rosti Group, which implements Dynamics 365 at the company’s 8 locations worldwide, and that task requires an extensive effort in each individual country.

Large market ahead
Sprint365 is entering a large market. In Denmark alone, it is estimated that almost 1.000 larger companies run an outdated version of Dynamics AX, which is no longer supported and which, to a greater or lesser extent, locks up the company’s opportunities for growth. A scenario that most people want to get away from, but they simply don’t know how. It is these 1,000 companies that Sprint365 will initially contact, although there is really nothing to prevent us from also addressing the rest of the world with the same concept. “And yes, we will probably do that before long” concludes Steen Hybschmann with a smile. “I think that’s why I came along.”

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